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Hola! [Jan. 10th, 2013|11:43 pm]
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I figured I'd better get back into blogging on a regular basis. (Yeah, I know some people would have done this ten days ago; I was a little busy.)

I'm Laura. I write. Well, actually, I mainly bitch about a lot of things (mostly work-related), but that's only when I don't have a book to fuel my rage and I can take a lot of my anger out there. For fiction, I write about snarky teenagers in fantastical situations and the occasional introspective realistic short story about snarky teenagers. Otherwise, I write about books. Mostly reviewing them for my own purposes and just to geek out.

What do I geek out about? Aside from books, I like anime- and you will be hearing a lot about a particular series in the next few months-; I like movies; I like music of all kinds, with a worrying propensity for commercialized pop. I watch children's television, or at least the smart shows. (Before anyone asks, yes I watch ponies.) I've just begun reading Western comics, and I have a massive collection of manga. Aside from the geeking out, I bake and cross-stitch.

Last year, I managed to meet one of my all-time favorite authors and got to see another one. This year marks my fifteenth year in my two oldest fandoms (both of which are marking their respective 20th anniversaries). I'm hoping that this year will be a lot better and for me to get out of my self-imposed shell a little more.

So. Let's go then.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, PEOPLE [Jul. 21st, 2012|12:39 am]
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Before I go into movie squee, I have to mention what happened last night: Reports: 10 Shot Dead At Batman Film Premiere.

I didn't find out about this until I woke up this morning and immediately hit Twitter for everyone else's movie thoughts. This is not something to be ignored, it's not a part of any fucking 'curse,' as much as people want to attach that label. By the time I got caught up on everything, there were already people pointing fingers at the movie and other forms of media. There's only one person to pin the blame for what happened, and it's the gunman. Not Nolan, not the media, or any other scapegoat people try to dig up.

(Additionally, Libba Bray's reaction and solution. She is so fucking awesome.

Also, my mom just told me that the news was the first thing she heard this morning, and immediately came in to check on us. Thanks for letting me know.)

Okay. I couldn't talk about the movie without discussing that first.


Give the Nolans their fucking Oscars already. The more I think about this one, the more I'm stunned on how they managed to pull off Dark Knight Rises and making it work as the end to the other films. (And before anyone asks, personal ranking is The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, and Batman Begins, BUT I MUST EXPLAIN FURTHER.)

ONE RECOMMENDATION: IF you have not seen Dark Knight Rises yet, and you have the time, either marathon the movies or at least rewatch Begins because it puts so much into perspective. I marathoned Thursday afternoon, and I don't think I would be HOLY SHIT BATMAN as much.


IN CONCLUSION: omfg go see it go see it now THAT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN, BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR FULL STOP unless Jackson ups it a notch and reblows my mind with The Hobbit, ONE OF THE BEST TRILOGIES EVER COMMITTED TO FILM.

There is no justice. There is just us. [Nov. 7th, 2010|11:13 pm]
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[Current Dope Beats |Keep Me In Your Heart- Warren Zevon]

After several months of worsening health issues, my grandfather has passed away.

We had been expecting this since March, when he was initially admitted for lung failure. Over the past month, it seemed like he was recovering, even being able to go home this last month. The last time I saw him, two weeks ago, he was at home, complaining about not being able to leave the house. Although, he said, it was better to be there instead of the hospital.

This last Wednesday, my dad took him to the hospital for complications. Last night, both of my parents went to go visit him and take my grandma home. Before the left, my grandfather gave a list of several "demands" to my grandma. Not surprisingly, he didn't want to be there for much longer. The nurse later told my dad that after they left, he started to settle down for the night. He passed away at ten-thirty.

I didn't find out until one in the morning. By the time my family found out, I was already asleep. My parents woke me up and told me what happened.

My grandfather came to the States from Italy in 1932, with his sisters and my great-grandmother. He was eight years old. In his eighty-one years, he raised five children, served in the Navy, and he ran several successful businesses. He got to see almost all of his grandchildren grow up, and two of us graduate from college. Not that things were easy. His older sister passed away fairly young, and one of my uncles and a grandson died within a few years of each other.

In 2000, my grandparents, along with my Aunt Carol and my grandfather's sister, took a trip to Italy; specifically, to Rome and to Lettopalena, the town where he grew up. When they arrived in Lettopalena, my grandfather, in very rusty Italian, asked for directions from a local. As they were talking, he realized that the helpful passer-by was a close friend of his as a child. He always intended to go back, but never had the chance.

In December of 2004, my grandfather had a massive heart attack. Complications from the surgery caused a major staph infection in his leg. His doctors gave him two options: they could save the leg, but would require extensive surgery and physical therapy; or, they could amputate it, which would still involve the physical therapy, but a quicker recovery time. And although the doctors were pushing to save the leg, my grandfather put his foot down and told them to cut it off.

Unlike my mom's parents, my dad's side of the family is the one with the most health problems. At least once or twice a year, while I was growing up, either he or my grandma were in the hospital for some problem. My dad always says it's hard to reconcile the big, looming father he grew up with to the man I knew, a frail, little man who would fall asleep automatically after dinner.

I have been very, very lucky to have my grandfather present in my life, especially for this long. While we didn't spend as much time with him and my grandma as we did with my mom's family, he taught me to be proud of my background and not to back down. If he didn't like how his life was being shaped, he went out and did his own thing.
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2008|09:26 pm]
It scares me that the people who are impressed by my actions, inquisitive about my life, and are concerned about my emotional health are either random strangers or people who have no business in my private life, rather than the people I actually care about.
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Break After Break [Apr. 17th, 2008|10:58 pm]
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I ran into in old roomie Andrea today at the CUB and the subject of graduation came up.

Which is three weeks away. Damnit.

Really, there's not much going on with me. Yesterday, I took a mental health day, just because I had a paper due today that I wanted to get done. Oh, and one due on Tuesday. And I have to start research presentations.

Crunch time, baby. Gotta love it.

However, since the Tuesday paper is for Comm Law, I'm taking advantage of my geekiness and doing it on the HP Lexicon trial. Actually, I wanna see Dr. Ellerbach headdesk at some people's stupidity. It might not be high-profile, but hey. It's fun. (Also, lurking on F_W, yay.)

I don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow or Saturday. Sunday is the stalking of Adam Pascal. Expect pictures, MAYBE video and full-on fangirling. I'll also have my Rent things to force on the poor guy.

(I'm really hoping for "Not Me" from Aida. But I'd kill for "Another Day," "Light My Candle" or "What You Own." WITH GUESTS.

The stuff he did for "School of Rock" would be cool too.)

In other news, Vampire Knight kicks ass and everyone should watch it. (Here's a commentary on episode 2, in which I devote myself to Miyano-sama.) Special*A is also awesome and people should watch it. *nod nod*
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2005|12:08 pm]
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Sorry! This journal is FRIENDS ONLY!!

Comment if you wanna be added, and I'll think about it.
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